To President Bush For Democracy

Onur Yiğit - 22 Mart 2006

Why is it in English?
Because it is an answer to George W. Bush's speech, Cleveland, Ohio on 20 March 2006 and on the 3th anniversary of Iraq's invasion. When i was watching you on TV, President Bush, guess what was the word did stick to your poisonous tongue mostly!?

It was the word: "Democracy" and as you said: "we are still in Iraq because democracy has not been established yet", "We tolerate India's nuclear power as an ally but Iran is a threat because of the closed society without democracy",  "We are giving hands to people to bring them democracy" and all these kind of lies; i was listening a parrot and those applouses, i can not imagine what kind of rats are circulating around your feet. Do you think you are humorous while you are tackling the questions? or do you think you are clever? World is not under your feet and all is not questioning softly, smiling or applauding on you, President Bush! Crowds were on streets all over the world on the 3th anniversary of Iraq's invasion, and they were asking:

"Why is world's #1 terrorist is still talking?",

"Why is USA still in Iraq?"


"Where are the clever citiziens of USA?"     

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